Ecom Elites Full Review With Modules

​Welcome to my full review of Ecom Elites. You might have come straight off Youtube after watching one of Franklin Hatchett's videos and want to know more about his course. The good news is that I can tell you that I am a member and I will be taking you in the course so you can see what you are getting.

Before I go any further, ​I have to ask if you are new to ecom or would you consider yourself an expert? If you are new, this course is going to be great for you. Franklin's a great teach, he really knows how to connect with his students and also provides great support.

The money you invest in eCom Elites is so little compared to what you can make. So when you think about it, is investing just $197 or $297 worth it to see if you can generate a big business from this? I think the answer is yes if you're still on the fence well then I don't blame you. I'm not here to convince you to join the course but only to show you. You can make that decision yourself but I do believe you are going to see the tremendous value here.

So What Do you Get With Ecom Elites?

The course has two buying options. You can either get the Standard Package which is $197 or you can grab the Ultimate package for $297.

What's the difference between these two?

With the Ultimate version, you get everything the standard version has plus:

  • A Step by Step Sales Funnel Academy
  • Google Shopping Ads Academy
  • A Book on Franklin's top selling 6 figure products
  • ​A Book on his top selling niches of all Time

So you can see that with the Ultimate version, the main additional training is with Google Shopping Ads and Sales Funnels.

​Most dropshippers are focused on Facebook but if you were to incorporate Google Ads and also sales funnels, you're basically turbocharging your business.

If you wanted to start with just Standard, you probably could upgrade to Ultimate and I imagine you just need to contact Franklin to faciliate that change. But if you want to dive right in with the best possible chance, i'd suggest Ultimate - it's only 100 bucks more. If it was a LOT more then i'd just say stick with Standard for now.

Here's what you get in both versions and we'll jump into the individual modules after this.